Endgame eSports: The Perfect Community Group Events Venue for Your Gathering

Discover the ideal venue for your community group events at Endgame eSports, where we mix fun, excitement, and the pleasure of an immersive gaming experience. Bring your community together for unforgettable experiences in our state-of-the-art indoor facility. Book now and create lasting memories!

Your Premier Destination for Your Community Group Event

Fostering community connections and creating memorable experiences are essential. As a leading venue for community group events, Endgame eSports always strives to provide a unique space combining cutting-edge technology and a welcoming atmosphere.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your community group events are successful. From family gatherings to club meet-ups and everything in between, we offer a versatile space that can accommodate various group sizes and activities. You can even mix your events with thrilling gaming experiences with tournaments for esports in Brisbane!

Endgame eSports has been one of the leading team party venues in Brisbane for many years. As a trusted venue for indoor community group events, we assure to help you create a gathering that strengthens bonds and builds a sense of belonging within your community.

Flexible Indoor Event Spaces for Community Group Events

You can book our flexible indoor event spaces to host any community group event. Our facility features spacious areas that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your gathering. You can even boost the excitement of your gathering by booking a coaching package or letting some of your members participate in Fortnight Fridays and other weekday gaming tournaments!

So, whether you’re planning a community meeting, a workshop, a social event, or a fundraiser, we can help you transform our versatile spaces to accommodate your requirements. We provide:

  • Comfortable seating;
  • High-quality audiovisual equipment; and
  • A welcoming ambience that sets your stage for a successful event.

Immerse your community in an environment that promotes interaction, engagement, and shared experiences.

Comprehensive Services and Amenities for Indoor Community Group Events

The Endgame eSports team goes above and beyond to ensure your community group events are seamless and enjoyable for all attendees. We offer comprehensive services and amenities to enhance your gathering and create a positive experience for every attendee.

Our dedicated event planning team will work closely with you and assist you in organising every aspect of your event. We can provide technical support, high-speed internet access, and audiovisual equipment to support presentations and interactive activities.

In addition, we can arrange customisable catering options tailored to meet your community’s dietary preferences and restrictions. We aim to provide exceptional service, allowing you to focus on connecting with your community while we handle the logistics.

Book Your Community Group Event at Endgame Esports Today!

Ready to host an unforgettable community group event? Book your event now and create an experience that will bring your community together.

Take advantage of the opportunity to host your community group event at our premier community group events venue. Make your reservation today and start planning a memorable gathering that will leave a lasting impression on your community.


Celebrate your next party in style at our state-of-the-art eSports venue! Enjoy our cutting-edge gaming technology, spacious battle-stations, and immersive experiences in a safe controlled environment.

When are you open for parties?

Everyone loves a good party, so we prioritize bookings of our venue for this.  If you click on BOOK NOW, it will show you the available dates and times for parties.  We run parties on Saturday and Sunday from 9am through to 6pm, but can also facilitate mid-week parties and events.

Send us an email, or give us a call if you want to find out more.

There are 2 options for parties (Upstairs, and Downstairs), what’s the difference?

In short.  Very Little!   Due to popularity, we’ve set up 2 distinct areas to be able to host multiple parties.

Upstairs provides a more enclosed ‘room type’ gaming feel.  For the booking, you get a Gaming Room, Private Streaming & VR Room, XBOX series X room, and Breakout / Snacks and drinks area.

Downstairs is our Gaming Floor.  Large open-plan gaming.  You get the gaming floor, a Playstation 5 area, a Private Streaming / VR Room, and Breakout / Snacks and drinks area.

I’m worried about the children gaming, and online bullies and safety.

We’ve got you covered.  Our experienced Endgame staff will fully supervise your party, and all online activity, including game chat and Discord is monitored during your event.  We also ask all participants to observe the Endgame values and behavior code.

My kids love Endgame, do you have any merchandise?

Sure do.  We’ve for team ENDGAME t-shirts available for $39, as well as a heap of top-of-the-range gaming keyboards and mice available for purchase.

Can I setup my own decorations for a Party?

We love personalized decorations! You can arrive 15 minutes early to setup decorations and prepare, but if you need more time, feel free to email us at info@endgameesports.com.au to discuss.

Can I bring my own food, drinks, and cake?

Absolutely! What’s a party without cake? For party bookings, you get your own breakout sitting and table area. This is an ideal area for drinks, snacks, and cake, and ideal for parents to hang out while the party is underway.

We also have a selection of snacks and drinks available for purchase if you prefer.

How do I make changes to an existing party/event booking; i.e. change the time/date, or add an extra person?

If you are looking to change the date/time of your booking, then please provide at least 4 days notice by contacting us via email at info@endgameesports.com.au or call us at 07 31594996. Adding an extra person is as simple as paying for them on the day! Do keep in mind that each booking is a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 14.

Do I need to pay for parents, carers, or siblings who want to watch?

No, not at all. We love an audience, and the party participants also tend to love to show their siblings and parents how good they are.  🙂   Only the participants using our equipment need to be paid for.

What games are available?

We have all of the most popular free-to-play games pre-installed. Our game library ranges from Minecraft to Fortnite, Valorant to Rocket League (and more!). If you have a question about available games or want a specific game to be installed for your party, contact us at info@endgameesports.com.au

Can I use my own gaming account to play games?

Of course. Just make sure you bring all your login details and passwords. We don’t want you to lose time while you wait to reset passwords and logins. Also, remember to logout after your party.