Endgame eSports has a jam-packed calendar for the June-July School Holidays!

Starting on the 26th of June, we’ll be running activities every weekday for 2 weeks straight.

Kids of any age are welcome to join in and learn both game specific and general skills, in our carefully controlled and curated environment. We’ll be guiding them throughout various activities and supervising them to maxismise their learning and growth.

Each day will have 2 halves: 9:00am-12:00pm, and 12:30pm-3:30pm. Each half functions as an independent yet thematically cohesive session. The first half of the day is group oriented, while the second half is focused on improving their individual skills.

A full day (6.5 hours, incl. 30 minute break) costs only $70, with a half day being $35. Participants will have a screen-free lunch break from 12-12:30. All of our staff have Blue Cards, and are very experienced with children.

The venue will still be open to casual bookings as engagement permits.


All ages welcome, however children under 7 years of age to have a parent remain at the venue for supervision


Saturday and Sunday across both Weeks 1 and 2 will be open to all bookings and venue uses. From the radical Virtual Reality Headsets to the awesome PS5 with surround sound, we have a wide variety of options to enjoy your day.

Birthday Parties have been a smash hit at Endgame, with only positive reviews from the lucky guests. Treat your kids to a birthday party that will blow their mind, without destroying your wallet (on $50/participant). For 2 hours, the venue is yours, including 10 PCs, the PS5, VR headsets, the streaming station, and customised stream just for the birthday person!

If you would like to have a curated tour of what we have to offer, try our Endgame Experience. It’s a brand new package that unlocks to you the entire venue, similarly to parties. Designed for a more mature audience, get a taste for how much fun gaming with your friends in person can be, regardless of your skill level or familiarity with games.

Email us at, or call us at (07)31 594 996 for more information, or if you have any inquiries.