Watch Endgame Esports play in the XP Clubs Championship!

Support Endgame Esports by watching us play in the loaded XP Clubs Championship finals – it’s super simple, just head on over to the XP Esports Twitch channel at

The broadcast will start at 6:30pm this Wednesday (12th July), with a single elimination bracket.

Our first game will be against Griffith Goblins, a veteran team of the AEL (Australian Esports League). The current tally against them is 1:1, so it’s sure to be a really close one!

Should we win (which we will), our final battle will be against TGG (The Gamer’s Ground). So far undefeated, these absolute titans will pose a considerable challenge for our team

The tip of the spear is Crayze, our team captain. Calm and mature, he has hundreds of hours of experience in a wide variety of games, such as Rocket League, Farming Simulator, Super Smash Bros, and more. His accomplishments include: 2x National XP HSL champion and 4x National XP HSL finalist, 3x QUT Champion, Fuse Cup Finalist, and QLD Cup Champion – and that’s just for Rocket League!

Next on the list is Alexa. He’s young, sensible, and has hundreds of hours competing in various esports, such as Rocket League and Farming Simulator. Some of his accomplishments include: 2x National XP HSL Champion, 4x National XP HSL finalist, QLD Cup Champion, 3x QUT Champion, and XP Clubs Championship Season 1 Finalist.

Last (but not least) is Invor. Despite his young age and cheeky demeanour, he takes winning very seriously. He’s ranked Grand Champion 2 for the last six seasons, earned an XP HSL National victory, won 2x QLD XP HSL finals, and played in the XP Ekka competition twice.