Build your own Computer with Endgame

Building your first PC is a substantial time and financial commitment. Our PC Building consultations and workshops, can hopefully make this process an enjoyable, and memorable experience, and provide you with lifelong tech skills and knowledge.

Commencing in January 2023, our first offerings of a broad range of planned services will commence, including:

1. DIY PC Build Initial Consultation – Part Selection and advice

Cost: $35 per 30 minutes

What you get:

30 minute consultation with one of our Endgame PC enthusiasts to identify and discuss your requirements, discuss your budget and options, consider equipment already owned such as Monitors, parts, etc, outline a future upgrade path, and provide online links and advice for you to review and continue to develop your interest.

2. PC Component Price Analysis and Purchasing Service

Cost: $35 per 30 minutes

What you get:

Endgame staff will assist you to check and finalise your PC parts component list for your DIY build or upgrade, and price check it with our wholesale suppliers. We are able to source most brands and components from our own wholesale suppliers, and will pass savings directly onto you. This is an open book process and we do not charge any retail margin on products we supply you for your DIY build with us.

We’ve been purchasing and reselling PC parts and electronics for over 7 years, and have a range of trusted wholesalers in Brisbane and around Australia. We also love some of the other computer shops in Brisbane, and will happily tell you if a deal you have seen is a good one.

3. PC building in our Maker Room

Cost: $99/hour

What you get:

Build your PC alongside a watchful Endgame employee.

Develop lifelong skills and knowledge as you build your own PC from start to finish, no matter your skill level. Our staff have built countless PCs, and can assume any rolle from hands-on managing the build, to hands-off guidance, making sure you don’t break anything.

Most builds will be completed within 2 hours, excluding Windows installation and setup (which are often easily done at home).

We have experience with people of all ages and abilities, young and old, and neurodiverse, so we are more than capable of helping.

How to book?

Give us a call (07 31594996) or send us an email ( to book a day and time. PC Building Workshops will run once a month, commencing February 2023.

Not sure where to start, or if this is for you?

Give us a call to discuss, or drop us an email. We love PC building and technology, so would be happy to discuss with you.

Already have some parts, or an old machine you just want to upgrade?

We’d love to help with these sort of projects. Just give us a call and we can consider bespoke arrangements for the use of our maker space.